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What Are the Key Responsibilities of a Care Assistant?

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Working as a carer is a rewarding field that can provide so many opportunities to grow. Unlike many other jobs, you get the chance to work with and meet many different people from all areas of life as you help improve their daily standard of living. Every day is different with new and unique challenges, as you work with those living with disabilities, long term health issues and people with learning difficulties.

What Are the Main Jobs That Care Assistants Do?

There are a lot of jobs that you might do as a care assistant – you’ll never have a day that’s exactly the same as the one before! Mostly, care assistants will focus on assisting their clients with their immediate needs. These needs might involve helping them to wash, to dress and to maintain good hygiene.

You might also help them with basic day-to-day tasks around the home, like putting groceries away or helping them to pay their bills. You might also be asked to help clients with leisure activities, such as going out for exercise or on day trips.

However, the most important aspect of the job is getting to know the clients! You help them with emotional support, company and friendship, helping them with their emotional well-being. What one client needs will be different from the others, making the job full of variety and challenge.

What are the additional responsibilities during the COVID-19 crisis?

Some service users will struggle to grasp the reasons behind the lockdown. They may be aware that things are a little unusual but may be confused as to why. As such, they will require additional reassurance and carefully designed explanations from support workers.

It is essential that a proactive approach is taken in managing their well-being. With limitations imposed on contact with loved ones, service users will be even more heavily dependent upon support workers for appropriate information and reassurance during this unprecedented period to ensure that existing conditions are managed rather than exacerbated.

On a purely practical level, support workers will also be required to rigorously maintain appropriate social distancing measures and to use PPE in line with government advice given to the care sector. Regular hand washing and encouraging and supporting service users in following similar hygiene regimes will be critical in minimising the risk to service users and staff alike.

Again, appropriate explanations and support will be essential to ensure adherence without creating additional anxiety. Overall, a higher degree of interactivity is likely in the context of the crisis and service users with varying cognitive abilities.

What Skills Are Needed for a Care Assistant?

There are many different jobs that you might be asked to do when you help a client, so it’s difficult to make a definitive list of all the skills you might need. If there were a list, then the ability to relate and talk to people from a variety of backgrounds would definitely be up at the top.

You’ll spend a lot of your time working with the same clients on a fixed schedule, and some of them will have little other contact with the outside world, so it’s important to build good relationships with them. A good sense of humour and lots of patience will also go a long way in making you a successful care assistant!

What Does Liaise Expect from Their Care Assistants?

 Liaise places an emphasis on ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of companionship and care. We provide a number of different services to clients in their homes and help to care for clients with many different needs, from disabilities and illness through to learning difficulties. Being a care assistant can be a challenging role, but it is one of the most rewarding and emotionally fulfilling jobs that you can have.

If you have read this and are interested in getting involved in care, visit our jobs and careers page for all our current job vacancies. We are recognised investors in people and offer many routes to developing and progressing your career in care.


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