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Vidalista 5 Mg

Vidalista 5 Mg

Description Vidalista 5 Mg:

vidalista 5 (Tadalafil) is a clinically proven drug that resides under the generic Cialis Family. It belongs to the group of drugs called PDE5 inhibitors. Vidalista 5 mg relaxes the muscles of blood vessels and enhances the blood flow to discrete parts of the body. It is recommended as “Weekend pill” for men because of its 36 hours of effectiveness. It can also be offered as day-to-day treatment as prescribed by the doctor.

How To Take Vidalista 5 Mg:

vidalista 5 mg medicine is a lighter dosage which can be taken as one whole tablet per day with a glass of water. The patient may take the medicine before 30 minutes to 1 hour of the sexual intercourse. However, the medicine should only be taken as per the dosage guidance, instructions, precautions and warnings given by the doctor.

How To Work Vidalista 5 Mg:

Tadalafil has a place with a class of medications called PDE5 inhibitors. It works in treating erectile brokenness by restraining the activity of PDE5 to avert breakdown of cGMP in the penis. Expanded degrees of cGMP lead to smooth muscle unwinding in this way expanding blood stream to create an erection. Vidalista enables men to get and keep up erections during sexual incitement. Be that as it may, it doesn’t fix erectile brokenness nor it builds a man’s charisma. This medication does not anticipate pregnancy and the spread of explicitly transmitted illnesses.

Dosages Of Vidalista 5 Mg Tablet:

  • For daily use, the recommendedtion grown person dose is 2.5mg once a day, taken at same times every day, without regard to the time of sexual activity.
  • In treating both erectile dysfunction and benign prostatic hyperplasia, the recommended dose is 5mg once daily, taken at same times every day, without regard to the time of sexual activity.
  • A tablet of Vidalista 5mg Review must be taken orally, swallowed whole with a glass full of water and may be taken with or without water. This drug may be taken daily or on an as needed basis.
  • Used for erectile dysfunction on an as needed basis, the usual adult dose is 10mg single dose, not more than 1 dose within 24 hours. A medicine is taken 30 minute before an expect sexual thing.
  • The dosage of this drug will depend on the medical condition to be treated, age of patient, the strength of the drug, among other factors. A physician will determine the right dosage per patient.

Side Effects of Vidalista 5 Mg Medicine:

Though tadalafil tablet is completely safe to use, utmost care needs to be taken while consuming the drug. In case of any side effect, one must seek immediate medical; attention. Some of the side effects are as follow

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Muscle Pain
  • Flushed Face
  • Redness of the skin
  • Itching sensation in the skin
  • Buzzing sound in the ears
  • Sudden vision loss or darkness of vision
  • Indigestion or Upset Stomach
  • Urinary Tract Problems

Warnings Of Vidalista 5 Mg Medicine:

  • If you are taking nitrates, you must avoid taking vidalista 5 mg tablet online or Generic Tadalafil because it may cause a drop in your blood pressure. This is unsafe, especially if you have cardiovascular problems.
  • You should not consume this drug if you are using recreational drugs. They may interrelate with the pills causing the unwanted reactions of your body to happen.
  • If you have allergies to its ingredients, you should contact with your doctor.
  • If you experience rash, swelling of the lips, difficulty breathing while taking this drug, you must call for immediate medical help. They are signs and symptoms of allergic reaction.

Storage Of Vidalista 5 Mg:

This medicine should be stored at room temperature away from heating, light, and moisture. Keep this medication administration at a safe place so that your child cannot reach there.

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