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Getting Smarter: How can Phosphatidylcholine Supplement Boost Your Brainpower and Overall Health

According to research conducted by the University of Colorado Denver, the phosphatidylcholine supplement helps in reducing the susceptibility of schizophrenia and other conditions such as liver disorders, depression, memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc.

In this study, pregnant women were given phosphatidylcholine supplement after the first trimester and the child received the same treatment in the early infancy stage. When 33-days-old children were assessed and diagnosed, they revealed lower susceptibility to physiological schizophrenia.

The phosphatidylcholine supplements are originally derived from lecithin’s purified extract. This extract contains multiple phospholipids, and phosphatidylcholine is one such phospholipid which is present in 10-20% quantity in lecithin. Once extracted from lecithin, this supplement is useful in boosting cognition, reducing symptoms of liver disease, and assisting in multiple other health diseases.

Benefits of Phosphatidylcholine

Since the human body uses phosphatidylcholine supplement to produce a chemical named acetylcholine in the brain, it is associated with healthy brain functioning. The acetylcholine produced by phosphatidylcholine supplement assists the body in memory and other related functions. Thus, an increase in acetylcholine in the brain is believed to stimulate better brain functioning. This is why phosphatidylcholine is frequently linked to the treatment of brain-centric ailments such as anxiety, memory loss, Alzheimer’s, manic-depressive disorders, and tardive dyskinesia.

Below we have explained a wide range of benefits offered by phosphatidylcholine. Read more to understand how phosphatidylcholine supplements can be utilized.

1.Boosts Cognition

The phosphatidylcholine supplement helps in improving cognition and supporting proper brain development in infants.

A study was carried out with mice who were suffering from dementia. The research found that although mice with dementia revealed improved memory, mice with no dementia had no effect on the memory. Hence, the supplement improves acetylcholine levels to eliminate the symptoms of brain disorders.

One of the major benefits offered by phosphatidylcholine supplements is the ability to improve the brain functioning of an infant.

A review started with 49 expecting mothers. These mothers consumed prenatal phosphatidylcholine supplements. After 40-months, the child was found to have fewer signs of social withdrawal and reduced attention problems.

2.Aids Liver Repair

When an individual is consuming a diet including high-fat contents, they become more susceptible to negative liver impacts and ailments. Many times, this diet can also lead to liver cirrhosis or nonalcoholic fatty disease of the liver. Cirrhosis means scarring in the liver lining due to regular consumption of a high-fat diet. As fat keeps collecting in the liver for a long duration.

When mice consumed a high-fat diet for longer durations and they were fed with phosphatidylcholine supplement, the accumulation of fatty liver lipids reduced. This means that phosphatidylcholine can, in fact, lower the levels of hepatic lipids.

Another study was carried out to find out if proper phosphatidylcholine levels can reduce the chances of or prevent the occurrence of cirrhosis. While the outcome revealed that phosphatidylcholine supplement consumption could eliminate fat accumulation, it can’t prevent cirrhosis.

3.Aids Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative colitis is known to induce inflammation and ulcers in the digestive tract of the individual. These individuals usually have a lower level of phosphatidylcholine supplement in their bodies.

This is why multiple studies have been carried out to check the impact of phosphatidylcholine on ulcerative colitis. In a particular trial, phosphatidylcholine supplement reduced remissions, severity, and enhanced quality of life of individuals. Additionally, these individuals had reduced dependence on corticosteroids.

The phosphatidylcholine supplements can prevent and reduce symptoms of ulcerative colitis because it can protect the digestive tract mucus layer and decrease inflammation in the digestive path.

4.Boosts Lipolysis

Lipolysis is a process of the human body that helps in fat breakdown; triglycerides are converted to fatty acids and glycerol. However, when the body has too much accumulated fat, it causes lipomas in the body, which is a type of painful and benign tumor.

The phosphatidylcholine supplement when present in the proper amount in the body helps in developing PPAR-gamma receptors. These receptors help in breaking of the body fat, which improves lipolysis and reduces the chances of lipomas.

According to a trial, the phosphatidylcholine supplement when offered to a lipoma patient can reduce the size of the lipoma. It can also help in reducing the fat cells present in the lipoma.

5.Eliminates Gallstones

Gallstones are small stones present in the gallbladder of the individual. These are made of bilirubin or cholesterol, hence, gallstones don’t dissolve. When gallstones are left untreated for a long time, they traverse to bile duct causing pain and pancreatitis.

With an increase in phosphatidylcholine levels, the cholesterol saturation can be reduced which can decrease the impact and symptoms of gallstones.


The phosphatidylcholine supplement is beneficial for the human body as it can improve the functioning of the brain and reduce the symptoms of multiple health issues. However, before the consumption of phosphatidylcholine, it is best to consult a doctor for a proper diagnosis of the issue you are facing. Following that, cthe orrect dosage of phosphatidylcholine can be consumed.

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