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Does Erectile Dysfunction in Australia Have Any Relation with Age?

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is the inability of a person to have an intimate physical relationship with its partner. The reason for the development of erectile dysfunction could be numerous. Although it is a medical condition, we could say that it is a symptom of other problems. You could experience certain symptoms of ED due to different diseases and medical conditions. Therefore, before you Buy Generic Sildenafil pink 100mg In Australia you need to single out the specific reason behind your erectile dysfunction.

The Average Age Of ED:

Erectile dysfunction has nothing to with the age of a person. you could experience its symptoms in your early thirties and some men might not have any problem with erection till they reach their sixties. Therefore, we could not associate a certain age with erectile dysfunction. However, it is very common to see an average man develop some symptoms of ED when they reach forty years of age. The next decade of a person is very important and they have to take care of their body to avoid any early signs of erectile dysfunction.

Does It Get Worse with Age?

Experiencing erection problems with age is much more common than you think. Around fifty percent of men between forty to seventy years of age experience a certain level of impotence. Therefore, we could say that it is pretty normal and a natural part of aging. That is why pharmaceutical companies such as Vialis Meds have introduced medication for erectile dysfunction. As they know people need these medications to enjoy a good life with their partner.

Cause of ED in Older Men:

As discussed earlier erectile dysfunction has nothing to with the age of a person however, it is much more common in older men. The main reasons for the symptoms of erectile dysfunction can be numerous physical and psychological conditions. Where a person gets older their overall health begins to deteriorate. As you get more susceptible to certain chronic health diseases your risk of developing ED increases with them. Some common diseases found in older men that are suffering from erectile dysfunction are discussed ahead.

Heart Diseases:

Cardiovascular diseases have a direct impact on the body’s blood vessels and it also weakens your heart muscles. You could develop them due to numerous reasons but the most common is the bad lifestyle choices. These choices may include smoking, obesity, lack of a healthy diet and the absence of daily exercise. These heart diseases highly affect the blood flow of the penis by damaging the blood vessels and it eventually leads to impotence.


It is the second most common health condition found in impotent men. The improper management of the blood sugar level can cause a lot of damage to the blood vessels. Which in return causes a hindered blood supply to the penis and results in erectile dysfunction. where it hinders the blood supply it could also reduce the sensitivity of the reproduction organ.

Neurogenic Condition:

People who have some type of spinal cord injury or have any disease that affects their nervous system might develop erectile dysfunction. Parkinson’s disease and stroke experienced in middle age might lead to erectile dysfunction.

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