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Dietitians and Nutritionists Financing Tips

Do you wonder why are you not able to shed that extra body weight? It is because you need an extensive diet plan from a professional dietitian rather than experimenting with daily calories.

Let’s address the finances which have been keeping you from visiting your favorite dietitian. By now, you probably know that most healthcare insurance does not cover the dietitian programs. However, it would be best if you had a professional consultation. Don’t you? So, opt for Denefits. Denefits payment plans are an excellent way for you to afford the dietitian programs. 

Why Denefits payment plans? 

Denefits patient financing solutions are particularly helpful for those individuals who live on a limited/ fixed income. It is often reported that many patients avoid pursuing recommended treatment plans only due to financial constraints. Denefits payment plans can potentially help remove such barriers. Further, several patients are facing massive medical debts and cannot afford to opt for new medical treatments.  Such patients can choose Denefits Payment plans for patient financing for medical procedures without worry.

Furthermore, the individuals who are living on limited income often have a poor credit score. Denefits does not perform credit checks while financing the patients. So, a bad credit score is not going to affect the eligibility of the patients for Denefits Payments plans. 

Advantages of Denefits payment plans

Dietitians and Nutritionists Financing Tips

Penalties: Denefits does not charge prepayment penalties. Denefits patient financing programs are free from both hard and soft prepay penalties. We understand that the prepay penalty can weigh on your wallet, so it’s not a part of our payment plans.

While many third-party financiers keep prepaying penalty details buried in their gruesome paperwork, our clients ‘don’t have to watch out for prepayment penalties. Denefits patient lending solutions practice complete transparency when it comes to declaring all terms and conditions beforehand.

NO Credit Checks: If applicants have a bad credit history, don’t worry, Denefits patient financing for bad credit has got them covered! Denefits do not perform credit checks, either hard or soft. We believe that a patient’s financial history is not a viable means to decide his/ her future financial capabilities.

100% Approval Rate: Denefits objective is to make healthcare affordable to all. Hence, we have maintained a 100% approval rate. Our patient financing options do not discriminate based on gender, age, race, income brackets, or any such variables. All individuals in need can harvest the benefits of Denefits patient financing system.

Better patient experience: With Denefits medical patient financing, practitioners can focus on the dietary needs of their patient rather than worrying about patients out of pocket medical expenses. It helps to improve the patient experience with the service. 

Consumer-friendly digital payment system: Denefits not only offers exceptional financing plans with no credit check but we also continually upgrade our digital interface to provide a better experience to both patients and the practitioners. Denefits customer support works round the clock to assist the patients in paying their due amount timely.   

Fundraising through social media: This is another unique feature of Denefits patient financing. Denefits understand that paying medical bills can sometimes be severe. Hence, our Social Healthcare Payments™ assists patients to raise funds for their medical bills. To ease the burden of medical bills, patients can request funds through friends, family, and social media.

Transparency: Being a top patient financing company in the US and with its transparent work culture and dealing with consumers, Denefits has become a leading player in the patient financing industry. Denefits never charges any additional fees which are not previously declared to the consumers. Before patients are financed, their respective healthcare providers are bound to disclose all terms and conditions.  

Dietitians financing with Denefits is better from a personal loan: In general,  personal loans have higher interest rates and have hard eligibility criteria. On the other hand, Denefits enhanced patient financing has relatively easy and flexible terms that offer patient financing with no credit checks.

Ideal platform for low-income holders: Denefits is considered the best financial solution for those who have financial constraints or live on fixed incomes. We have established that a patient’s current financial status is not valid to judge his/her ability to pay the monthly payments.  

Instant approval: Unlike Patient loans, Denefits approve the applicants immediately. The online process of patient payment plans only takes two to three minutes. There is no paperwork or lengthy waiting periods.    

Pay medical bills without insurance: Denefits payment plans help you to pay your medical bills without insurance. So, if your insurance does not cover your treatment plan, you can choose Denefits payment plan options.   

Personalized financial experience: Dietitians and nutritionists financing with Denefits is friendly here to help you with your chosen payment plan. We regularly keep in touch with you and communicate general reminders regarding their due payments.

The flexibility with Denefits: Dietitians and nutritionists financing with Denefits gives the liberty to the patient to decide the time to pay back the treatment amount as per their convenience. We do not have any rigid time frame for repayment. We understand that the pace of repaying the cost can vary with different individuals. So, we have kept this option open for the patients. They can choose the time to repay the amount as they see fit.

The average cost of dietetics care

An initial consultation with a registered dietitian or RD typically costs about $100 to $200. If follow-up visits are required, they usually cost about $50 to $150/per visit. There are other additional costs associated with it, such as classes on healthful cooking, that would cost around $10 or more per session.

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