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Causes and solution for Erectile Dysfunction

Causes of erection problems

The problems described above are caused by most of the two types of causes. The first category represents a psychological influence; i.e., it is not directly a physical disorder. The second category is already physiological reasons that are easier to identify.

Here are the most common causes of erection problems:

Health Problems: You may not want to admit it, but some seemingly unrelated health problems can cause insufficient or incomplete erections and similar problems. These are often cardiovascular diseases, as well as hormonal diseases or mental illnesses, such as anxiety and depression.

Medication use: In connection with the above, it is necessary to take into account the contraindications or side effects of many prescription drugs, which are intended for the treatment of more serious diseases. For example, conventional antidepressants significantly suppress libido in men, which affects the interest in sex and, after all, erections as such.

Improper lifestyle: Only some of us admit that consuming unhealthy foods, fried foods, saturated fatty acids, or sugary drinks is harmful to them. Do you know where this is most likely to be reflected? If you are guessing an erection, you are guessing correctly. Improper lifestyle is the alpha and omega of most sexual problems.

Excessive alcohol consumption and smoking: These two vices could be included in the lifestyle, but I think they have required a separate category. Why? Because I see more and more men drinking a lot of alcohol, and smoking is not going in the right direction. Men, be aware that this is a serious factor that affects your potency.

Low Testosterone: The hormone testosterone is mainly responsible for our libido or want, craving for sex. If we have a deficiency in our body, it also affects the ability to achieve an erection. It can, therefore, prevent our psyche from reaching such a state that we are able to intensely perceive sexual arousal and thus achieve hardening.

Stress, routine and bad lifestyle: No exercise, almost no sports, a lot of work, little time, stress, routine in sex, lack of rest, and overnight stays. Do you think this won’t sign on an erection? You are quite mistaken and big. Think for a moment about how you live and when you started registering more serious problems in the bedroom. Are you running out?


It is understandable that you may just have a lack of sex as one of the causes of erectile dysfunction a little “out.” It also holds the well-known saying that training makes a master. Those who do not train are lazy and are not able to give optimal performance. The same is true in bed!

How to improve and support an erection

It is possible to look for a solution to the causes described above, either under medical supervision or outside it. Personally, I would recommend trying the Fildena or Vigora. If this does not work, then it is necessary to solve the problem with erection with the help of an expert.

Try to start by focusing on the following measures in this order:

A solution of possible disease causes

Erection problems are often rooted in metabolic, cardiovascular, or neurological diseases. If you have a serious suspicion of being affected by such a factor, the best way will be to start addressing and treating such disease first. I would also advise you to proceed with hormonal disorders or even psychological problems such as depression.

Adjustment of lifestyle

As I mentioned above, poor and unhealthy eating, alcohol, smoking, stress, and a generally unhealthy lifestyle have a major impact on the onset and occurrence of erectile dysfunction and their long duration. It is, therefore, appropriate to try to change your lifestyle and lifestyle. It is also desirable to move more, exercise, and be fit. If you are in good condition, your erection will be in such a state.

Changing the stereotype in the bedroom

Likewise, try to disrupt the routine in the bedroom and liven up your sex life with something new. I’m not saying that your erections will automatically improve, but it will bring a little imagination to everyday life. Do not try to avoid your partner just because you currently have fewer problems with hardening; on the contrary, it is advisable to try even more.

Special exercises

A number of special exercises contribute to the support of the blood supply to the penis as well as to the support of a better and longer erection. Kegel’s exercises are especially well-known, with which you can practice the muscle parts that directly feed the root of the penis. This exercise with regular repetition has a significant effect, especially on the endurance of the erection and its hardness.

Erection tablets

Buy freely available pills in the form of Tablets. Although you may have had a different impression, most men do not depend only on the “most difficult” drugs. Even more affordable solutions in the form of Fildena 150mg tablets will suffice. You have no idea how many men it has already saved their sex lives using Fildena pills.

Professional treatment

If none of the above measures are taken, it is clear that your problem is already serious and requires a professional approach. Your doctor may prescribe suitable erection medications, such as Viagra Fildena 120 or Cialis. An alternative is a surgery, thanks to which it is possible to improve erection and erection permanently, without the need for long-term use of pharmacological preparations.



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