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Blood Tests To Check For Infertility Problems?

If you are facing any fertility issues unable to get pregnant after several years, then you as well as your partner need to go for physical as well as a medical test near a great Reproductive Endocrinologist, who trains in infertility treatment and diagnosis. There will be various blood tests that will be taken before they start different kinds of fertility treatments such as IVF or IUI for both the partners that are producing infertility. The fertility treatment cost in hyderabad is less expensive to take. 

Blood tests work for fertility treatment and testing. The essential fertility evaluation is done for every woman that usually considers testing for ovarian function and a few different hormones. Other scenarios will warrant other kinds of blood tests to be examined. Also, the couple trying in vitro fertilization (IVF) or intrauterine insemination (IUI) may have some infectious disorder screening before treatment. Your physician may individualize the kind of blood test to be tested based on your particular situation. So, it is important to take tests before treatments.

Cardiolipin Blood Test:

It is a molecule located in the blood platelets, cell membranes. It is a group of units called phospholipids. Make sure to test with this cardiolipin to improve the regulated blood clotting in your body. In some cases, though, the body may mistake cardiolipin during a foreign substance. With that, your body may develop antibodies that affect the cardiolipin molecule. These anti-cardiolipin immunizers present in greater quantities in women that involve in recurrent miscarriage. It is termed as IgM, IgA, and IgG. Anti-cardiolipin IgG type of anti-cardiolipin immunizer that involved as a possible problem for recurrent miscarriage.


It is a kind of estrogen, which mainly causes women’s reproductive hormones. Estradiol is a kind of estrogen created by the ovaries. As follicles develop and grow, the cells encompassing the eggs hatch and cover estradiol. This hormone produces different causes during the cycle, including the thickening of your uterine wall and the triggering of the natural LH surge.

Luteinizing hormone:

 This problem is caused by men as well as women. It is discharged from a small gland known as the pituitary gland located in the brain. Like LH, FSH is termed as gonadotropin hormone, which is essential for fertility. In ladies, LH supports to trigger ovulation to incites the corpus luteum in the processes of progesterone later ovulation. In males, LH serves the testes to create and discharge testosterone.

PCOS Testing:

Insulin is nothing but a hormone produced through the pancreas delivered in small quantities after every meal to support passing the glucose to your body’s cells. Insulin resistance remains as the state that results during the body fails to react properly to a normal range of insulin. The body may neutralize the insulin resistance in the form of giving more insulin. This can produce an imbalanced relationship between insulin and glucose. This imbalance condition may produce abnormal effects in different organs of the body. 


It is an important hormone created by a group of ovaries. It plays a crucial role in ovulation as well as pregnancy. Later, eggs are delivered from the ovaries, each follicle from the egg, which realizes the corpus luteum. This corpus luteum discharges small quantities of estrogen and large quantities of progesterone. It develops the uterine lining which is used for implantation.

These are some of the blood tests taken before they start fertility procedures. The iui cost in hyderabad is very less compared to other places. So, if you are thinking about fertility tests you can visit over here to take treatment. 



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