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30 minutes workout Challenge (a life-changing habit)

I know you are lazy enough to go to the gym. Or maybe you are busy enough to perform your exercise. Nothing can motivate you to be regular. Right? Okay, I bet, after reading the whole (well-researched) article on 30 minutes workout daily, you will have to be motivated and jump for the 30 minutes workout daily.

Lets first talk about some possible excuses that work as armors against your motivation. 

  1. You have no time. Working as a 9 to 5 desk job
  2. Your health is not good to do work out
  3. You don’t have access to a gym
  4. There is no nearby gym center 
  5. Confused about the health benefits of workout
  6. Have a doubt in your capability regarding the body strength and or size

No matter what confusion you have or how much demotivating factors you are with you. You will be compelled to do exercise knowing about the health benefits of it. 

  1. A regular 30 minutes workout can dramatically boost your immune system. You probably already know that those who have a better immune system inside their body can easily be recovered from the Corona Virus. They are less prompted to be dead. Not only that, but any sorts of health diseases can also be cured dramatically with a better immune system. 
  2. If you want muscle like a bodybuilder or like to have a six-pack, then 30 minutes workout daily can help you have it.  All you need is to follow a proper diet plan and workout regularly in a proper way. 
  3. Crazy about having a six-pack? Even the star Whitney Port has a six-pack of her own but you don’t have? This 30 minutes challenge can truly blow your mind by gifting you a solid six-pack. I know you have a confusion inside that, how you can gain sixpack by just 30 minutes exercise where most of the people spend hours after at Gymnasium?  

Let me clear it. There are some exercises that can boost your muscle just like a miracle withing a shortage possible time. You simply can gain it by doing 15 minutes rowing along with push up and weight carrying for the rest 15 minutes. 

  1. Cronical pain is a hazardous disease. Only those people can understand who is suffering from it. But take the good news! Even long term cronical diseases can be recovered with a daily workout. 
  2. Acidity is one of the most common diseases that give you a bad feeling inside your stomach. But do you ever figure out why this feeling happen? Okay, let me clear it. Acidity basically happens because of acid formation inside our stomach. There are so many reasons behind this, but our focus point is on how to remove this extra acid? 

Surprisingly the best way to do is to exercise daily. It will help you digest your food and make the best use of acid inside.  

How to make the best use of this 30 minutes?

We are almost at the end of our article. By the way, the question is how you can best utilize this 30 minutes. Okay, let me break it down with some steps time by time.

  • First 5 minutes: The first five minutes is just for warm-up. If you are healthy enough, then go with simply by running in a single place. If you have a treadmill then simply use it for the first five minutes. 

  • Next 5 minutes: Take a deep breath just after the first warmup and then start with push up. Push up is a great effective exercise for those who are capable of doing it. If you are careful in pump us your chest muscle, then read the article.

  • 10 minutes: Its perfect time to jump into a bigger stage. But make sure, you take rest for at least 2 minutes. You can start rowing with a rowing machine as this is one of the most popular exercises at this time.

  •  Next 5 minutes: Again have some push-up

  • Next 5 minutes: Once again, simply running at a certain point. 

Caution: Always be very very careful about your capability and physical strength. Listen to what your body wants to say. Take rest if you are tired, Drink water little by little. 

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