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20 Myths About Flu Test : Busted

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The flu is a very dangerous virus that can cause serious infection or even loss of life. During flu season, there are many myths that unfold around the flu shot. Today, we are going to bust as many myths as we can about the flu test.  If you’ve ever had the flu, you know how difficult it can get to even breath. There is an element of bad advice when it comes to dealing with the flu treatment and the flu test.

Understanding the statistics about the flu vaccine may additionally help to guard yourself, friends, and family from the flu.

Myth: you can get the flu from the flu shot.

Reality: the flu shot cannot give you the flu because the virus isn’t active. A few people may have symptoms, such as moderate discomfort or swelling, muscle pain, and mild fever, which may be compared with signs and symptoms of the flu.

Myth: The “effect” of the flu shot is never right so it doesn’t give the right result.

Truth: Even though the vaccine isn’t always great, it is able to prevent excessive complications and reduce the time and severity of the illness.

Myth: ready until winter will defend me longer.

Reality: despite the fact that flu season generally peaks in December through February, you may get affected as early as october.

Myth: i never get the flu, so i don’t want the vaccine

Reality: Each year a flu season puts you at risk. You can be a risk factor of the flu and deliver it to others if you’re no longer getting the vaccine. 20 to 30 percent of people carry the flu and do not show any signs and symptoms!

Myth: getting the vaccine is all you need to have to protect yourself against the flu.

Reality: even though that is step one, there are different ways to decrease your chance which include:

  • keeping away from people infected with the flu or showing symptoms
  • washing your hands frequently with cleaning soap and water
  • no longer touching your nostril, mouth or eyes to lessen threat of spreading

Who needs to get the flu vaccine?

Everyone who is six months and older should get the flu shot, especially the following:

  • pregnant women
  • youngsters 6 months to 19 years of age
  • adults 65 years of age or older
  • nursing or institution domestic citizens
  • health care people
  • human beings with continual medical conditions including coronary heart, lung, or kidney disorder, diabetes, allergies, anemia, blood problems, or a weakened immune machine
  • folks that paintings or live in excessive chance regions of flu-related headaches

Who needs to not get the vaccine?

The centers for disease manage and prevention advocate that people with excessive, life-threatening allergies to the flu vaccine need to not be vaccinated. Similarly, when you have an allergy to eggs or other substances, or a record of guillain-barré syndrome, you should talk with your medical doctor whether or not the vaccine is best for you.

Which flu vaccine is right for me?

The general public will get hold of the inactivated flu vaccine as an injection. The flu vaccine is also to be had as a stay attenuated nasal spray. This spray is an option for a few non-pregnant people between the ages of forty nine. Speak to your pharmacist or doctor about the right vaccine for you and allow them to know when you have any of the following:

  • a history of hypersensitive reaction
  • a child or adolescent among ages and 17 who takes aspirin or aspirin-containing products
  • a history of weak immune system
  • children among 4 years of age with allergies or history of coughing in the past year
  • taken influenza antiviral medicine in above 48 hours
  • asthma and are older than age five
  • underlying clinical conditions
  • for those sixty five years and older, the excessive-dose flu shot is the nice option.

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